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TU Delft Impact Contest

Since 2019 the TU Delft Impact Contest has offered students the opportunity to further develop their own, ingenious ideas, prototypes and research projects into business plans. The main purpose and mission is to challenge students to create great, out-of-the-box thinking innovative solutions for societal problems and translate them into real products and business plans, while interacting and making use of the expertise from our innovative and very knowledgeable partners.

The contest is an entrepreneurial and innovation competition for all students at TU Delft. It is used as a means by TU Delft to bring the academic institution, students, government institutions, companies and organisations together in a community where innovation and co-creation are key. Bachelor and Master students of TU Delft are encouraged to pitch their creative ideas and projects and further develop them into a feasible concept. Community building and co-creation with the business community is essential for this and of great added value for students at TU Delft as well as for companies and organisations belonging to the TU Delft Contest’s partner network.

In a 4TU context, the format of the TU Delft Contest will be used in 2020 to organize similar competitions at all 4 technical universities (TU Delft, University of Twente, WUR, TU/e). The entries of these competitions have the chance to compete in Q4 of 2020 in the ‘Dutch 4TU Impact Challenge’. More information about this challenge can be read in February via our website and social media channels.



Make your idea known to us. You can participate either alone or in a team. Create an account and start innovating and networking. Make use of the platform, interact with the network and visit workshops and speed dates. The stage is yours!


You do not have an idea of your own, but are you looking for an interesting challenge? No problem! You can subscribe for intriguing business cases from our partners.


Are you looking for an internship, traineeship or perhaps a job? You can easily make this known to the diverse network of the TU Delft Contest by uploading your C.V. and share it directly with partners of your own interest, while being notified about interesting career opportunities.



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